Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kodomo no Omocha

by Obana Miho

Sana Kurata, a child actress, faces many problems in her classroom, including a major one - her bullying classmate, Akito Hayama. Sana's outgoing and friendly nature leads her to work towards correcting all of the problems around her. Her 'meddling' irritates Akito but at the same time captivates him, just as Akito's gloomy nature irritates Sana and compels her to change him. As these two opposites attract each other, they face many hardships which bring them closer to a mutual understanding. A story of growing up, letting go, falling in love, and falling out. It chronicles the relationship of Sana and Akito throughout elementary to high-school.
ActionComedyDramaPsychologicalRomanceSchool Life,ShoujoSlice Of LifeTragedy

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